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  • 大統領:Yoweri Kaguta Museveni
  • 首相:Ruhakana Rugunda
  • 首都:Kampala
  • 言語:English (official national language, taught in grade schools, used in courts of law and by most newspapers and some radio broadcasts), Ganda or Luganda (most widely used of the Niger-Congo languages, preferred for native language publications in the capital and may be taught in school), other Niger-Congo languages, Nilo-Saharan languages, Swahili, Arabic
  • 政府
  • 統計局
  • 人口:39,032,383 (2015)
  • 面積:200,520 (2015)
  • 一人当たりGDP:676 (2015)
  • GDP, billion current US$:26.4 (2015)
  • GINI指数:41.01 (2012)
  • ビジネスのしやすさランク:115 (2017)