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  • 王:Willem-Alexander
  • 首相:Mark Rutte
  • 首都:Amsterdam
  • 言語:Dutch (official) note: Frisian is an official language in Fryslan province; Frisian, Low Saxon, Limburgish, Romani, and Yiddish have protected status under the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages; Dutch is the official language of the three special municipalities of the Caribbean Netherlands, while English is a recognized regional language on Sint Eustatius and Saba and Papiamento is a recognized regional language on Bonaire
  • 政府
  • 統計局
  • 人口:16,936,520 (2015)
  • 面積:33,670 (2015)
  • 一人当たりGDP:44,433 (2015)
  • GDP, billion current US$:752.5 (2015)
  • GINI指数:27.99 (2012)
  • ビジネスのしやすさランク:28 (2017)