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Transport Department, Government of Karnataka

すべてのデータセット:  V
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    • 3月 2017
      ソース: Transport Department, Government of Karnataka
      アップロード者: Knoema
      以下でアクセス: 17 3月, 2017
      Other Source: Karnataka Data ( Note: Following States have consolidated values for given Transport Undertakings:1. Tamil Nadu includes- Metro.TC (Chennai) Ltd., State Exp.TC TN Ltd., TN STC (Coimbatore)Ltd., TN STC (Kumbakonam)Ltd., TN STC (Madurai)Ltd., TN STC (Salem)Ltd., TN STC (Villupuram) Ltd.2. Maharashtra includes-B.E.S.T. Undertaking, Kolhapur MTU, Maharashtra SRTC, Navi Mumbai MT, Pune Mahamandal, Thane MTU3. Karnataka includes-Bangalore Metropolitan TC, Karnataka SRTC, North Eastern Karnataka RTC, North Western Karnataka RTC4. Bengal includes-Calcutta STC, North Bengal STC, South Bengal STC5. Gujarat includes-Ahmedabad M T Corpn. , Gujarat SRTC6. Punjab includes-Pepsu RTC, Punjab Roadways7. Chandigarh includes-Chandigarh TU, PUNBUS Chandigarh