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Climate Watch is an online platform designed to empower policymakers, researchers, media and other stakeholders with the open climate data, visualizations and resources they need to gather insights on national and global progress on climate change. Climate Watch brings together dozens of datasets for the first time to let users analyze and compare the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) under the Paris Agreement, access historical emissions data, discover how countries can leverage their climate goals to achieve their sustainable development objectives, and use models to map new pathways to a lower carbon, prosperous future.

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    • 7月 2024
      ソース: Climate Watch
      アップロード者: Knoema
      以下でアクセス: 05 7月, 2024
      Data cited at: CAIT, retrieved from Climate Watch Climate Watch Historical Emission data contains sector-level greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions data for 194 countries and the European Union (EU) for the period 1990-2019, including emissions of the six major GHGs from most major sources and sinks. Non-CO2 emissions are expressed in CO2 equivalents using 100-year global warming potential values from IPCC Fourth Assessment Report.