Financial Freedom Index

Financial Rankings of 198 Countries by Tax Rates, Cost of Living, Currency Convertibility, Investor Protection, Freehold Property Ownership, Legal Rights and Inflation.

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    • 7月 2016
      ソース: Financial Freedom Index
      アップロード者: Knoema
      以下でアクセス: 09 4月, 2021
      The Financial Freedom Index is based on 15 indicators and sub-indicators. For this tabular overview of the entire index the 6 types of tax rates and 3 international taxation indicators have been combined as one "tax score." The other six main indicators are shown as they appear on the "By Indicator" pages. Due to lack of data for some countries, not all nations have been included in the ranking. A score of 1.00 is most favorable, i.e., a 1.00 "tax score" translates into low taxes, as a 1.00 "cost of living score" translates into low living costs.