SolAbility is a, Swiss-Korean joint-venture founded in 2005, sustainable intelligence think-tank. The think tank designed and implemented sustaiability startegies, policies and management tools that have made 3 DJSI Suspersector Leaders. SolAbility also have have been active in ESG research provision, supporting Korea’s best-performing SRI fund.

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    • 11月 2023
      ソース: SolAbility
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      Highlights of the  Global Sustainable Competiveness Report 2023:Scandinavia continues to top the Sustainable Competitiveness Index: of the top 6 spots, 5 are Scandinavian. Sweden keeps topping the Index.Only one country in the Top 20 is not European: Japan on 12 (South Korea 21).For the first time, China (ranked 30) overtakes the US on rank 32.Germany ranks 15, The UK 16, and France 18.Brazil ranks 65, India 121, and Nigeria – Africa’s most populous nation – 156.Some of the least developed nations have a considerable higher GSCI ranking than their GDP would suggest (e.g. Colombia, Peu, Nepal, Bhutan, Bolivia.